Garrison Design & Construction         is an established metal roofing company, specializing in professional installations and retail sales of custom metal roofing packages.



We rollform three different metal roofing systems in gauges ranging from 26 to 24. Our 3 ft wide Versa Panel is a 26 gauge screw down panel that is available in painted as well as acrylic galvalume metal.

In addition to the screw down or agricultural type panel we rollform two standing seam profiles, a 26 and 24 gauge Versa Lock, or snap lock, and a 24 gauge Berridge Zee-lock panel.  The Versa Lock panel is ideal for residential roofing while the 24 gauge Berridge panel is perfect for commercial applications.  The 24 gauge Berridge panel comes with manual or mechanically seamed clips.

Why Garrison Design & Construction

We use all of the state of the art rollformers and trim breaks at Garrison Design & Construction.

This enables us to design and manufacture any style of custom trim, flashing, clips, or channels.

We stock at least 10 color choices and with our ability to design and manufacture custom roofing systems our customers enjoy tremendous savings.


All of our materials are the best primary metals that come with a 40 year paint finish warranty.  

The roofing systems we use have been engineer tested and are Florida Product Approved.

We also stock all of the miscellaneous components should you decide to install one of our metal roofing systems on your own.   Our sales staff is happy to offer advice and installation instructions to help you accomplish your project with success.


Being a manufacturer of metal roof systems, we have the ability to offer our products at discounted prices to the public.

Aside from panels and trim, we sell many components such as screws, closures, boots, etc. We also rollform metal framing. We use 18 gauge coil to roll form 3 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ track and studs cut to length. Punch-holes for wiring are at no additional cost. Also, we manufacture hat sections, Z purlins/closures and retrofit clips.


We are happy to give free local estimates to interested parties. Shortly after measuring for you, we will have a proposal starting with job cost as well as the particular installation plan for your home or business.

Installation Services:
Metal Roofing Sales also installs metal roofs. We use highly skilled crews who have proven to do the job right the first time. We stand behind our installations and offer workmanship warranties to ensure customer satisfaction and installation integrity.

On-site rollforming:
When installing a metal roof, we offer on-site rollforming. It is always an advantage to rollform on-site so the crew can make precise measurements and call the lengths down to the rollformer operator.

We are fully equipped to offer delivery services in our general area. We understand many of our customers do not have the means to transport a heavy metal roofing package. We are able to offer our delivery service at a fair and affordable price which we will include with your materials order

Q&A – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • High strength / Low weight
  • Save considerably on your utilities since metal reflects
  • Metal will not absorb or be damaged by water
  • Metal is non-combustible
  • Metal will shed ice and water in the winter
  • Wide variety of colors and panel styles
  • Enjoy no-nonsense warranties
  • Over 30 years of exceptional durability

What about noise?

Usually metal roofing is installed over plywood, shingles or felt on an existing roof, therefore the sound generated by rain or hail would be similar to other roofing materials. The myth of a noisy tin roof comes from barns that were built with steel roofing installed on open framing without insulation.

Can metal be installed over my existing shingles?

Yes. In most cases the shingles can remain on the roof. Roofing felt, Ice and water shield or wooden strips are common buffers between the metal and asphalt. Shingles act as an extra layer of insulation between the roof deck and metal.

Will my home or business become more energy efficient with a new metal roof?

Yes. Metal reflects a large percentage of the sun’s radiant heat opposed to absorbing heat as do traditional shingles. Light colors such as Polar Whtie, Lightstone, and Sahara Tan qualify as an energy star product meaning significant savings on utilities and a governmental tax rebate.


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Our sales staff is happy to offer advice and installation instructions to help you accomplish your project with success.